General Preventative Dentistry

Prevention is the key to a lifetime of healthy smiles…

We recommend you visit us at least once per year to keep your teeth in their best condition. By having your teeth examined and professionally cleaned regularly you will:

  • Have clean and healthy teeth that look whiter and brighter
  • Prevent or minimise costly and complex treatment in the future
  • Keep your own teeth for life
  • Maintain beautiful smile aesthetics for longer

Caring for your teeth between visits…

We recommend that you brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and floss between your teeth EVERY day. Regular and thorough cleaning will greatly reduce oral bacteria in your mouth and protect your teeth from decay and gum disease.

Healthy diet for healthy teeth…

Our teeth suffer when we consume unhealthy food and drink, especially those high in sugar. By drinking more water and eating healthy unprocessed foods such as salad and vegetables you can reduce the number of harmful bacteria and keep your teeth healthy.

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